3 Amazing Tricks to Uncomplicate Conversations when Prospecting

3 Amazing Tricks to Uncomplicate Conversations when Prospecting

Ever heard the saying “Keep it simple”?

This philosophy – keeping it simple – is the secret ingredient to success in conversations with prospects.

There’s no bigger win for a salesperson than when he converts a prospect into a lead, who never heard of your business or brand. Successful prospecting hinges on the ability of a salesperson to lead an effective sales conversation. An uncomplicated, interesting conversation is the key to establishing trust and gathering key information about prospects that can lead to a successful conversion.

With the wide array of software tools available to sales reps, it’s easy to get lost in the details and lose sight of the value of a simple, straightforward approach.

Here are 3 amazing tricks that can help sales professionals uncomplicate conversations and make faster connections with prospect.

1. Deliver an Intuitive, Simple Message

Your initial call to prospects is time-critical – a prospect is not likely to spend much time on the call. You need to create a good first impression with a brief message. Use a positive tone and make use of the “affect heuristic” to plant the seed of curiosity about your brand in the initial call. “Affect heuristic” means that people often make decisions on “affect” or feelings.

A positive approach creates a positive bond and helps you create a lasting impression on prospects. So instead of focusing on detailed, technical information, present an intuitive, simple message in a positive tone that will resonate better.

2. Prove Your Credibility

To have a front-row seat in your prospect’s mind, it is crucial to prove your credibility.  Illustrate real-world examples to your prospect, like how another client has gained success with your product. Such real-world examples are called normative messages and they help create interest and shape desired behavior and outcomes. This will help prospects envision how using your product will solve the challenges they face. Most importantly, such examples can illustrate how your offering is a long-term solution that provides consistent outcomes.

3. Establish Common Ground

An unexpected sales call during a prospect’s extremely busy hours can be off-putting. Build a bridge of connection and establish common ground by using the name of the referral or an industry-related story to start with. Provide insights on the benefits of your product or service to overcome the prospect’s status quo.

This approach can create a positive connection and establishing common ground also boosts credibility. Building this connection is important as a prospect is likely to use multiple different channels of connection throughout the purchase process, and this connection provides a personal touch that helps the prospect through each stage and channel.

These tips should help your sales team keep it simple on any sales calls with prospects paving the way for higher conversions. But not all companies have an astute sales team. In such cases, many companies find that working with an external partner for sales and marketing is the right formula that allows them to focus on their core business and drive sales. Rapid Acceleration Partners has expertise in full-lifecycle sales and marketing for businesses. We provide end-to-end marketing solutions for businesses based on their unique requirements. Drop us a line to know more about working with us and we’ll be glad to help.

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