4 ways to stop leads from getting lost in the prospect haystack

4 Ways to Stop Leads From Getting Lost in the Prospect Haystack

You have a perfect marketing strategy and are getting leads rolling in. It can be frustrating that you lost a good lead in a group of prospects. Studies show that over 70% of leads are wasted because of getting lost. There are various reasons for this like a poor followup, inadequate support team and many more. Involve the following strategies to get a grab of good leads without missing them out and make your sales soar.

1. Organize it right in your CRM

Organizations will have an effective CRM to manage and analyze customer details. Segregate leads and prospects and store every interaction with your prospects. Make sure to maintain visibility within your team, so that anyone could answer to a lead whenever necessary.

2. Distribute your lead to action quickly

The longer you respond to a lead, the less likely you will make a sale. Hit through the ‘Golden Window’, the initial 5 to 30 minutes after a prospect submits a request or accepts. You can take advantage of converting them into your potential customers before your competitors can take the option. It is proved that clients like to go with the product or service that calls them first.

3. Provide qualified details to the sales and marketing team

More information about the prospect will make the work of the sales team easy. Try to get much additional information ‘what interested you about our products?’ this will be helpful for further interactions to go smooth and to miss out.

Sales and marketing must work as a team as they are crucial for a business’s success. Plan certain things like who will handle what, either lead generation or managing a lead?

4. Nurture prospects

The first impression with the customer is important but it may not make a sale for you. Continuous nurture of lead is necessary. Don’t overdose them with a lot of information. Provide appropriate content in regular time fashion and personalization your nurturing process so the lead will feel valued and respond faster than usual. Also, personalization will be helpful for you to collect good data and hit later without missing out.

Losing your leads are frustrating, so ensure to have a powerful strategy to have them in the loop and track it continuously. If you feel like you have too much to handle and very little time to take care of your leads and prospects, do you need any assistance?  RAP sales is an expert in making sales and revenue for businesses! It can provide end-to-end marketing solutions for your business based on your requirements. Drop a line to know more about our exciting features.

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