5 Killer Tips for Sales Pros to Build an Effective Marketing Reputation Online

Studies show that 41% of salespeople close more than five deals directly because of their social media presence.

Clearly, an active and professional social media presence is crucial for a sales and marketing team, especially salespeople. The Internet and social media have changed the nature of marketing and sales –customers have the freedom to research a sales person’s background. They can view information such as a salesperson’s online presence, and how they portrayal themselves on social media. In fact studies show that over 90% of B2B buyers conduct some online research before a business purchase. Maintaining a professional online and offline presence is helpful in building relationships with prospects and gaining credibility.

These 5 killer tips will enable you to proactively build credibility with a strong online presence that gives you a competitive edge in the market.

1. Maintain an Updated LinkedIn Profile

Inactive accounts on LinkedIn are as bad as not having an account. So update your LinkedIn profile on a regular basis. Make sure that your profile information creates a strong first impression. Update your recent photo, as well as any awards, certifications or promotions that you’ve received. Consider your prospect’s perspective when updating your LinkedIn profile. Make sure the information creates a positive impression and builds credibility by highlighting your expertise and strengths.

2. Stay Connected With Your Clients and Prospects

Staying connected with clients and prospects on LinkedIn or other media if relevant creates a sense of a lifelong connection. This is a much warmer and more positive form of outreach that can have lasting results. When these clients and prospects shift positions or companies, the connection remains. This connection can also help identify influencers and decision-makers in their organization who have the final say on buying decision. This provides the opportunity to gather information on them and assess how to approach them. Similarly, you will also get a look at competitors they connect with so you can tailor your approach. Remember to add connections periodically and build a strong network of connections.

3. Join Groups and Make Recommendations on LinkedIn

Research groups where your prospects are active and join those groups to engage with your customers and prospects. This also provides opportunities to find new prospects. Be mindful about not being self-promotional as that will annoy your prospects. If a client or prospect likes or shares your post don’t immediately ask for a demo. Instead try to build a strong connection by recommending your clients helping them build their leads. This is a great way to build loyalty and raises the likelihood of them recommending you in turn.

4. Follow Relevant Online Subscriptions

To gather insights about clients’ interests and business activities, follow relevant publications such as blogs, newspapers, and journals. You can also follow their blogs and newsletters to stay informed about their business activities. Try to build a connection by replying to their posts or explore opportunities to write a guest blog for them. The more you interact with your prospects and clients, the better your marketing reputation will be as you are establishing expertise and strength in their areas of interest.

5. Create and Share Content

Create blogs or content pieces that help answer our common questions for clients and prospects on social media. Personalizing the content and helping them will make them feel like you value them. In case you have news about a product or service that is useful to all your connections, you can share such updates. However, be mindful of not flooding your audience with too much content.

You can build a strong online presence using these tips and establish a great reputation – this plays a big part in higher conversions. In case you require assistance with sales and marketing activities, Rapid Acceleration Partners would be glad to help. We provide end-to-end marketing solutions for businesses based on their unique requirements. Drop us a line to know more about working with us and we’ll be glad to help.

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