Direct Marketing – What is It? How You Can Use It to Accelerate Business Growth?

Without an online presence and digital marketing, it is hard to win customers, compete and grow your business. So, companies spend huge budgets on online marketing efforts, but they are often ineffective. This is largely because in our digital world, customers come across hundreds of advertisements and marketing messages daily. As a result of this deluge, many ads get scrolled with hardly any clicks.

So how can companies surmount this challenge? Direct marketing is a good solution. It is a considerably more effective marketing method. Let’s explore direct marketing and its benefits.

What is Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing is targeted directly to consumers and is customized to suit their interests and needs. This tailored form of directly targeted marketing is often more effective as it goes after prospects who are have been determined to be likely buyers. An important aspect of direct marketing is that the customer response is measurable. This allows you to measure how effective a marketing effort is. Direct marketing gives customers an active role through a powerful CTA (Call to Action) such as subscribe, book your appointment and buy now.

Methods of Direct Marketing

  • Email marketing
  • Telemarketing
  • Personalized messaging
  • Social media – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Post mail

How to Build a Killer Direct Marketing Strategy?

1. Perform Customer Segmentation and Targeting

The greatest advantage of direct marketing is that you can target a specific audience segment based on your marketing goals. Create a contact list and segment contacts based on your business value, their interests, locations, etc. Segregating and targeting segments will create a better impact than general marketing campaigns.

2. Tailor Messages Based on the Audience

Content is crucial in marketing, particularly direct marketing. Create an engaging marketing message tailored to your target segment’s interests. This is the foundation of the creating a winning, personalized message. Perhaps you will push different products to different segments of your audience based on their income or location. Identifying a particular segment’s interests will determine which products from your portfolio are targeted to them. These tailored messages have higher success rates than general messages, but they must be thorough and creative to win customers over.

3. Run Campaigns

The ultimate goal of marketing is to convert leads and to get new customers for your business through campaigns. Create a powerful campaign based on your business value and the target audience’s interests. While running campaigns, you can also procure customer details like email id, phone number, areas of interest and more through forms that ask prospects to provide this information.   This information helps you add to your target audience and you can segregate the data based on various criteria.

4. Create Logging for Your Campaigns

Logging is a perfect way to gauge customer response. Fetch the analytics of customer response to your direct marketing campaigns through pixel code or cookies. For posts, one of the best ways to measure customer response is to provide coupons or scratch codes.

5. Analyze the Marketing Reports

In order to run effective campaigns, you must analyze marketing reports and customer response periodically. This analysis will help you assess what is working well, what is not and where your campaign needs improvement to grab customer attention. These insights can help you improve your campaign ideas and increase sales and lead conversions.

What can be the Benefits of Direct Marketing?

1. Optimized marketing budget

Unlike general marketing efforts, direct marketing targets specific customer segments. Due to targeting and tailored messages, direct marketing has higher success rates than traditional, general marketing. This means that you get better results through optimal utilization of your marketing budget.

 2. Increased sales

Greater sales and conversions are the holy grail of any business. By using a direct marketing strategy that communicates your business value to the right audience you drastically increase the likelihood of greater sales. With direct marketing, you can keep in touch with all sets of customers like new leads, long-term customers, old customers and prospects that are about to convert. This enables more effective marketing efforts and higher conversions and sales.

Direct marketing with proper planning and the implementation will accelerate your sales.  However, this change will not happen overnight – patience and leveraging smart strategies is crucial to compete in the market. Many businesses find that working with an experienced marketing and sales partner improves sales while allowing them to focus on their core business. Rapid Acceleration Partners has expertise in boosting sales and revenue for businesses worldwide! We provide end-to-end marketing solutions for businesses based on their unique requirements. Drop us a line to know more about working with us.

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