How Is Digital Marketing Keeping Companies Afloat During COVID-19?

The pandemic of COVID-19 is frightening the world and the sad reality is, it is spreading quickly. News about the impact of the corona is everywhere around you. So how is it affecting businesses? Well, the colossal effect of the COVID-19 has caused a stock market crash globally, which means almost every business will be affected.

Tentative steps with a creative flair are a must to make it through this tough time. With protective measures like social distancing and quarantine in effect, what actions can a brand take to avoid the spread but to sustain its business? Going digital is the right key here to survive the pandemic and subsequent economic downfall.

Small businesses that gained revenue and leads through word-of-mouth, can mitigate their losses by strategic use of digital marketing. With the majority of the world’s population under quarantine or lockdown, internet use is soaring. Take advantage of this through mobile and online marketing as primary methods to communicate with your customers rather than traditional way of marketing.

The spread of coronavirus has affected almost every industry but there are certain industries that gained online traffic like finance-based during this crisis. However, some industries like travel are drastically losing their online traffic and conversions. E-commerce businesses might have a mixed experience of surge in business and in some cases less orders and demand.

In light of the coronavirus, look out for strategies and measures that you can implement to get ahead of your competitors. With the surge in internet usage by 53%, your audience can be increasingly found online. Novel ideas with innovative digital marketing strategies based on your customer’s online behavior can help you to grab customer’s attention.

The biggest advantage of digital marketing transformation during the coronavirus pandemic is the practice of social distancing and also the fact that you can target your audience without face-to-face interactions.

Communicating through online channels effectively and efficiently is key to building and maintaining your long-term customer relationships. With social media as a most matured marketing channel, you can potentially gain prospects and leads through strategized campaigns.

How can you cope amidst the coronavirus with your marketing effort? How can you strategize your business’s digital marketing? Here are a few suggestions that can help your digital marketing efforts:

Go Digital for Your Canceled Events

If you’ve already canceled exhibiting events of your business or conferences, reposition them through online. Keep up the momentum with your customers, create content and post them online effectively through social media. Shooting campaigns to targeted audience is the right way to gain their attention. As most of your prospects are actively available online.

Provide Personalized Content

Don’t try to hard sell prospects. A heavy touch is unlikely to be successful. A more effective approach is to provide personalized content and assure your customers that you value them. There is a great affinity for personalization and it is likely to draw customers in. It also shows your customers that you respect and value their loyalty.

Companies that make a strategic shift with intuitive digital marketing strategies will have the resilience to survive during COVID-19 and post-pandemic. Setting up digital campaigns and marketing efficiently to gain leads is not always easy, particularly with the uncertainty of COVID-19. Many firms find that working with an experienced partner yields more effective result. Aside from being a useful strategy during this pandemic, digital marketing can provide value in the long-term once the pandemic subsides.

Remember that you’re not alone in this crisis. Rapid Acceleration Partners provides full-lifecycle digital marketing including social media strategies and other marketing efforts. We would be glad to help you during this pandemic.  Please drop us a line to learn more about how we can serve you.

In the meantime, stay home, stay safe, and if you have to venture out maintain social distancing and take other protective measures like using face masks and gloves.

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