RoI Driven Marketing

Marketing has been treated as a cost center from time immemorial. One of the prime reasons for this is that in most cases marketing by itself does not result as a sustainable revenue generation mechanism. It needs a supplementing sales channel to ensure that its initiatives are translated into success. Hence most Chief Marketing Officers are often posed with the dilemma of whether or not to ask for increased budgets.

Supplement sales

Strengthen Your Sales

brand experience

Build Your Brand Image

Maximize returns

Maximize returns

Our solution holds the capability to generate that impact in a scalable, repeatable and measurable manner with the following benefits.

  • Build repeatable momentum through marketing that can be templatized and repeated.
  • Establish your brand and gain evangelistic support from your customers.
  • Find ways to build multiple streams of recurring revenue.


  • Crystallize the expectations of the sales team and the organisation, from marketing
  • Co-develop the marketing messaging, differentiation, positioning and brand strategy


  • Define a clear marketing process, inclusive of all hand-offs
  • Develop the online/offline marketing content and collateral
  • Define functional and in-process deliverables/measures for sales & marketing


  • Calendar execution – inbound/outbound lead acceleration campaigns
  • Frequently assess and audit S&M messaging, content and collaterals
  • Systematically mandate and nurture the S&M partnership
  • Clearly define functional and in-process deliverables/measures for marketing