Top 4 Content Marketing Dos and Don’ts

Top 4 Content Marketing Dos and Don’ts

Content marketing is the core of inbound marketing and the efficacy of content marketing garners better return on investment (ROI) and attention to your business. Research shows that 76% of B2C and 93% of B2B businesses use content marketing but only 53% of businesses only find it to be effective. What could be the reasons for this?

Some common mistakes can make your content marketing strategies less successful. Here’s the top 4 dos and don’ts when it comes to content marketing and our suggestions for challenges in these areas.

1. Don’t Forget to Clearly Identify Your Audience

Having a killer content marketing strategy with powerful content is important. But, delivering it to the right audience is equally important. Let’s say your goal is to promote a new feature for your B2C business. You’ve developed a strong content strategy and created content that is highly technical to explain this feature. The result of this content could be less effective as your customers may shy away from highly technical content. They seek the convenience from your brand

The concept of three Ws and one H (why, what, who and how) can help you understand your target audience and to improve your content. The questions ”What is your goal? Why drive this goal? And who is your target audience” are always crucial while running a marketing campaign.

Creating impactful content that is more engaging and relevant is easy when you know your audience inside and out. Your audience might vary based on your goals, try to understand the right tone to use in content based on your target audience. Avoid vagueness and keep content relevant to your target audience’s interests to grab their attention.

2. Don’t Showcase Robotic Content

An overly professional tone is sometimes misunderstood as being robotic. The ultimate goal of a strong content strategy is to increase awareness and accelerate sales. To accomplish this, your target audience must feel that you value them. To get their attention, try not to be robotic and boring that can lead to ignorance. Ignorance, in other words, is a waste of time, resources, and energy.

Content marketing aims to create affinity and drive sales by attracting the right audience. To build affinity, your content must be emotionally appealing and relatable to your audience. As emotion is very crucial in decision-making, never compromise on creating emotional content that can range from infusing a sense of humor to a compassionate solution-oriented approach that helps to solve your client’s difficulties. And above all, always sound like a human.

3. Do Try Different Content Formats

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Using just one format of content to drive your strategy, runs the risk of ignored by your customers. Promoting just blogs regularly can also be boring. Try to entice your prospects with various content formats to convert them into your customers.

Diversify your content based on your goals – try blog posts, podcasting, e-book, videos, and infographics. It is proven that 53% of B2B marketers find the infographic effective as it delivers complex content in a most condensed format. 73% use YouTube to distribute their content and many marketers are jumping into the art of podcasting. Generate leads by diversifying your content format based on your niche.

4. Do Analyze Your Results Using Reports

Some marketers believe a myth that once content is posted on social media then the job is done. But the truth is, posting content on various platforms based on your content calendar is not sufficient to experience success. You should keep an eye on the performance of posted content and analyze whether it is doing its job.

Free tools like Google Analytics help you analyze the success of your content marketing. Based on the results, you can change the current strategy or tweak it to overcome the complexities and to get desired results. Analyzing your posted content allows you to see what type of content makes more impact and information from the lead generation stage can provide details about which content piece drives conversions and makes more money. By gaining these insights you can optimize your content and accelerate sales.

Wrapping Up

Content marketing is essential as you’re delivering some valuable messages to prospects and customers to gain their attention. And studies say that content marketing brings 3x more leads than traditional marketing. A well-planned content strategy with periodic analysis is a requisite for strong content marketing.

Many companies lack inbound marketing and content marketing skills. In such cases, working with a skilled partner allows them to focus on their core business while boosting sales. If you need assistance with marketing and sales activities, Rapid Acceleration Partners would be glad to help. We have expertise in boosting sales and revenue for businesses. We provide end-to-end marketing strategies for businesses based on their requirements. Drop us a line to know more about working with us and we’ll get back to you soon.

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  • Two take-aways from this post:
    Optimize content for the user first before doing the same for the search engines, so that you connect emotionally with the users
    Periodic analysis and updating of content, if it can be improved will be useful and fetch results

  • Excellent article!!
    But this is solid advice and people should pay attention.
    Best I have seen.

  • venky digital mohali
    December 17, 2020 12:03 pm

    nice article you explained very well we are also providing Content Marketing,Digital Marketing ,services.


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